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Cool Room Installation

Does your business rely on refrigeration or cooling systems?

When it comes to designing a cool room, there are many factors you need to consider. Different fitouts and locations have different standardised requirements. If you are planning for a cool room installation, then it is equally essential that you stay updated with the latest and practical design choices for your establishment.

Once a cool room is installed, you also need to ensure it is functioning properly. There are certain products that need to be kept refrigerated or else it would increase the risk of spoilage.

At Total Refrigeration Services, we understand the unique storage needs of our clients from the food and hospitality industry. We will help you determine the best possible option based on your specific cold-storage requirements. 

Our professionals are available round the clock to guide the clients and help them choose the optimal solution for their storage problems.

Always consider the ideal temperature and humidity levels while planning for a cool room installation. Regardless of the size and type of the business, we are determined to help our clients maintain food safety and hygiene at all times.

If you are noticing your food stock getting spoilt or the cool room is not maintaining a consistent temperature, then it could be a sign of a technical fault. Connect with us and get instant cool room installation services at your doorstep. 

Sometimes there can be technical issues with the cool room that you cannot identify. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to identify the core problems and repair them then and there. 

Get in touch with us today on 03 9988 6001.

Total Refrigeration Services offers a wide range of cold room repairs and installation services in Melbourne. 

Receive a free, no-obligation quote and we will be there to assist you every step of the way. 

Cool Room Manufacturers Melbourne

Cool rooms with non-insulating material can pose a serious challenge. Our leading manufacturers design custom humidity-controlled cool rooms. The engineers and technicians work in unity to determine which type of cooling system would be appropriate for your location and storage requirements. 

Preserve your products for a long time with the right and optimised cooling system. The cool room manufacturers in Melbourne pay special attention to making sure that there is no fluctuation of temperature. All our advanced installation and service solutions are designed to create energy-efficient and safer cool rooms. 

We start by doing an on-site inspection to come with a personalised plan that fits your space and storage needs. 

From thermal panels to doors, we have a stock of high-quality products and materials. With our compatible in-house technology and tools to manufacture cool rooms, you can explore a variety of services at cost-effective prices. 

We have served several business firms and commercial establishments by reducing their expenditure and energy bills. 

Want technical support? Our professional technicians will visit the site to identify the issues and help you maintain your cool rooms. We will help you manage your expenses by providing a range of customised solutions. 





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